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If you are on this page, it is because you have heard of CBD and want to know how it can be used.

There are more and more products on the market based on CBD oil, with multiple possible applications such as oils, balms, cosmetic creams, capsules, food, infusions, etc… However, there are still doubts about how to use this type of product.

Given the large amount of information that is offered but without a clear explanation and the total lack of reference in terms of CBD use, many users who discover CBD are completely lost in its use.

Depending on the presentation of the CBD product you have in your hands, we list here how to use each of the different types of CBD products you can find.

Oils, balms, capsules, cosmetics, cbd for athletes. So many uses for CBD

CBD Oils

CBD oil is the best known and most widely used form of CBD oil because of its convenience and rapid absorption.

Experts believe that the most beneficial way to administer the oil is by taking it sublingually, either with a dropper or a spray bottle, for faster and more regular absorption of the active ingredient.

cbd under tounge

By placing the oil under the tongue, you allow it to be absorbed through the oral mucosa. This is one of the fastest routes of absorption in the body and allows the cannabinoids to reach the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body quickly.

It is recommended that the person avoids swallowing saliva while the oil is under the tongue.

To improve the absorption of CBD, it should be held under the tongue for 2 or 3 minutes. The sublingual route is one of the fastest absorption routes available to the body and allows the product to be used effectively, taking advantage of all its key elements and maintaining the entourage effect

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It should be noted that many people confuse CBD oil with e-liquid and this is a common mistake that should be taken into account when using CBD. A CBD OIL CANNOT BE VAPORISED as it is a product that is not created for this purpose and its use in this way can be harmful to the respiratory tract.

Difference between CBD Oils – CBD Extractions

CBD oils can be found in 3 different formats depending on the extraction

1.- Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum oil is the most respectful of the plant’s qualities and helps to maintain the entourage effect of the hemp’s cannabinoids and terpenes. 

In order for full spectrum oil to comply with regulations, the amount of THC must be below 0.2%.

As there has been no process to isolate CBD, full-spectrum CBD offers the benefits of the entourage effect by containing terpenes such as limonene, myrcene and pinene, and other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDV and CBN. It has also undergone fewer processes in its production, bringing the product closer to and in tune with the original plant.

2.- Broad Spectrum Oil

Broad spectrum oils are the next in terms of respecting the cannabinoids of the plant. 

A broad spectrum oil contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes with the exception of THC which is completely eliminated from its composition.  This means that it can offer the benefits of the plant at the expense of the interaction with THC.  

This oil is commonly used in sports products or in CBD capsules. 

3.- Isolated Oils

Isolated CBD or also known as isolated CBD refers to an oil that has been made with an “isolated” form of CBD, which exists as a soluble off-white powder that can be mixed with a solvent to create different concentrations of CBD.

Any of the terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids present in the original plant are removed in the production process.

This type of oil has a very light amber colour, because it is only CBD dissolved in a carrier agent and because it has no other cannabinoids in it, it may require a larger number of drops to achieve the same result as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oils. 

In the case of Isolated or Broad spectrum products, the effects will be weaker than with Full Spectrum products, as the latter have the entourage effect and allow the synergy between cannabinoids, flavonoids and the plant’s own terpenes to be exploited.

This is why, in the end, the use of Full Spectrum oils are the most recommended by specialists.  

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules myCBD

Another way to take CBD oil is through capsules. CBD capsules are a tasteless alternative and allow you to have an exact amount of CBD in each dose.

This form allows for an exact dosage and easy transportation. But absorption is much slower. 

Harnessed in soft gelatin capsules, CBD travels easily through the digestive system to be absorbed and exert its influence on the body.

 In the case of myCBD we have a 10mg and 25mg presentation in each capsule. 

Another way to apply CBD oil is topically with CBD-rich creams, ointments or CBD sports gels, which do not contain THC and are suitable for any sporting competition. 

CBD for your skin

Some of the benefits associated with CBD oil is skin hydration.  Hemp seed oil is very moisturising and can improve the skin barrier, reduce dryness and skin sensitivity, and help the skin look smoother and softer.

CBD oil, being of natural origin, can also be useful for beauty purposes. In fact, according to one study, cannabinoids play a key role in lipid production, indicating that it may be beneficial not only for treating dry skin but also for conditions such as acne.

CBD offer many benefits for the skin

As well as having other properties as an anti-inflammatory, we have created a range of CBD creams for different situations. 

CBD Forte Creams

These are creams with a composition that allows the properties of CBD to be maintained and facilitates the hydration of the skin in a homogeneous way. 

The combination of different oils and elements allows for a formulation that is perfect for nourishing and soothing skin that is prone to dryness.

How to apply CBD Cream

In this case, the ointment should be applied in small doses and evenly. In addition, it is recommended to rub the area where it is applied with light, circular movements 2 to 3 times a day.

When applying it, a light massage should be given to facilitate the absorption of the cream.

Facial Creams with CBD

myCBD creams are made with a variety of natural ingredients that make it one of the best creams on the market for its high level of hydration, among other qualities.

Due to CBD’s restorative and soothing properties, it can be used for facial conditions, where a balance between moisturising and soothing effect is needed. 

CBD is also known for its analgesic effects and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  In this sense, it can be beneficial for skin ageing caused by chronic inflammation of the skin. In these cases, CBD helps to reduce skin dryness and sensitivity.

In the case of myCBD we have Soothing Facial Cream and CBD Anti-Acne Cream, both of which are formulated to protect and improve the health of the face.

Gel with CBD for Physical Preparation

CBD can also be used to soothe areas with inflammatory processes or even muscular pain. Several athletes also use it as part of their routine when they are going to perform high-intensity exercises.  

This is why products have been developed that allow the thermal benefits offered by the various gels used for muscle training, and the properties of CBD itself.

The CBD Sport Gel is an innovative skin care product that provides the benefits of CBD. It is a balm based on hemp oil and rich in cannabis extract (CBD). Protects, moisturises, nourishes and soothes the skin, natural anti-inflammatory, skin revitalising and analgesic effect, suitable for all skin types. As it is THC-free, it can be used by sportsmen and women.

The gel can be applied to the whole body (except mucous membranes and wounds). Thanks to its Active Gel formula, it is absorbed very quickly into the skin, where you will feel a sense of relief when you apply it.

In the myCBD catalogue you can find the Sport Gel Heat Effect and Sport Gel Cold Effect.

Using CBD for the first time

If you are trying CBD oil for the first time, it is advisable to start with the minimum amount indicated on the bottle. You can then evaluate the effect of the oil and increase the dosage according to your needs.

For example, in our 3% myCBD oil, the minimum recommended dose in one dose is 3 drops (equivalent to 3 mg of CBD) and the maximum is 9 drops (equivalent to 6 mg).

These amounts of CBD can be considered “low” depending on each person and their weight, so we advise you to consult a specialist if you have any doubts. 

It is important to note that finding the amount of CBD required by each person requires a lot of care and several progressive tests, each person has totally different needs and there are several factors that can alter the CBD intake required. 


myCBD does not claim to diagnose or prescribe treatments to anyone. The information on this page is in no way a diagnosis and does not show any comparison to any kind of medical treatment. Before using cannabis-based products, it is always advisable to consult a specialist.

If you would like to contact us, because you have any comments, questions or suggestions, we will be happy to hear from you.